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نبذه عن الفنان

Omani artist Joseph artist Gulf distinct grabbed the admiration of the masses he released his first album titled (hath) 2000

And goes with the public his famous songs such as The place - You Searo I Yam, which has achieved unprecedented success

Diabetes singing and is in the ninth as a hobby and turned into professional composing and through singing with top singers such as Saadoun Jaber and artist Riaz Ahmed

Learning music and shrines each Anuaha of shrines, Iraqi and Gulf Egyptian shrines and fluent singing in Spanish, English and Armenian.

In 2001, released by the artist Joseph Omani second album name (Ghali Ali) and who achieved great success and won song President (Ghali Ali) - second place in the contest Best Song youth in France - and distinguish album songs Mix between the Gulf and England and that achieved widespread him in the Gulf region and the Arab countries.

And in 2005 issued another Omani artist Joseph albums on the art scene as (You are the sea and I Yam), this song won first place in both competitions Gulf in polls radio Gulf of GCC and art magazines.

And during subsequent issuance of successive album went from success to success, where he became enjoy broad mass base not only in town, but in the GCC and other Arab countries.



yousef alomani

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